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17th South Carolina Infantry


Evan's Tramp Brigade

In Civil War fighting the basic tactical formation on the battlefield was the brigade. Made up of three or more regiments, the brigade was the formation without the tactical plan that attacked and defended required positions.

Evans’ or the “Tramp” Brigade — Evans, from the name of its most famous commander, the controversial Nathan “Shanks” Evans, and “Tramp” from the fact that this unit saw service in no less than three major theaters during the Civil War (they "tramped" or marched everywhere!)

The brigade saw service in the South Carolina/North Carolina coast at two different times in service with the Army of Northern Virginia twice, and even service in Mississippi as part of the Army of Tennessee during the Vicksburg Campaign.

8,300 men, 10 percent of South Carolina’s contribution to the Confederate cause, served in Evans’ Brigade. Moreover, that service was often in some of the most critical parts of the war.

Battle Service of the 17th South Carolina Infantry
Pocotaligo, SC                                            May 29, 1862
John's Island, SC                                         June 7-9, 1862
Secessionville, SC                                       June 16, 1862
Harrison's Landing/ Malvern Hill, VA               August 2-8, 1862
Rappahannock Station, VA                           August 23, 1862
2nd Bull Run (Manassas), VA                       August 28-30, 1862
South Mountain (Boonesboro), MD                September 14, 1862
Sharpsburg (Antietam), VA                           September 17, 1862
Kinston & Goldsboro, NC                              December 14, 1862
Jackson Siege, MS                                      May 14- July 4, 1863 
Savannah, GA                                              August 10, 1863
Charleston Harbor, SC                                  August- September, 1863
Wilmington, NC                                           May 1864
Bermuda Hundred, VA                                  May 17- June 16, 1864
Hewlett's Farm & Ware Bottom Church, VA    May 20, 1864
The Crater at Petersburg, VA                         July 30, 1864
Petersburg Siege, VA                                   June 15, 1864- April 2, 1865
Fort Stedman, VA                                        March 25, 1865
Lewis Farm, VA                                           March 29, 1865
Gravelly Run, VA                                          March 31, 1865
Five Forks, VA                                             April 1, 1865
Sayler's Creek, VA                                       April 6, 1865
Appomattox Court House, VA                        April 9, 1865
Company:                       County Mustered out of:                       Nickname:
A                                      Richland & Chester                               None
   B                                              Fairfield                                 Lyle's Rifles
   C                                                 York                                    Broad River
                                                                                                Light Infantry 
D                                                Chester                                       None
    E                                        Fort Mill & York                  Indian Land Tigers
    F                                                York                                 Carolina Rifles
  G                                              Barnwell                                        None
  H                                              Barnwell                                        None
     I                            Lancaster, York, Spartanburg         Lancaster Tigers
      K                                             York                                     Lacy Guards

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