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 The 17th South Carolina Infantry was formed in 2005 with members from several other units coming together to form a new Southern reenacting unit. Our goal was to recreate an authentic Civil War Company that would portray South Carolina Confederates on the battlefield. 

 We also wanted to create a family oriented atmosphere where a family would be welcome in our organization to participate and learn about the American Civil War.  We actively participate in battle re-enactments, living history presentations, school presentations, parades, and various preservation organizations. Our goal is to educate the public and ourselves about the true history of the Civil War.

We are a Non-Profit, tax-exempt organization that has donated money throughout the years to the preservation of endangered Civil War battlefields.
We have participated in many reenactments including the 140th Anniversary of Antietam, 145th Anniversary of First Manassas, 145th Anniversary of Gettysburg, and the 144th Anniversary of Perryville. We have members who have also participated in the filming of motion pictures such as "Gods and Generals."
We have both military re-enactors and civilian re-enactors that include all age groups. We are always looking for new faces to join our ranks! If you are interested in becoming a re-enactor and live in Michigan or Northern Indiana, then we are the unit for you! Check out the Recruiting Page for more information.

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